Top 10 from CES: ECN and Product Design & Development Report from the Show Floor

Top Innovations, Top Flops, and the Half-Baked Products & Junk Clones

What can you expect from the International CES Show, the biggest showing of consumer electronics and new product innovation? Too much, some might say.

But Product Design & Development Managing Editor Chris Fox and ECN Technical Editor Jason Lomberg, having just survived the biggest showing of consumer electronics and new product innovation on the planet, have narrowed down the list and compiled the best of CES 2014. From curvy, voluptuous TVs to balancing electric bikes to smartphone stun guns, this year’s entries stretched, expanded, and positively amplified the bounds of innovation.

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There’s Always More From CES

While some products exude innovation, others just…scream. Take a walk down the aisles of CES with Jason Lomberg as he reviews the weird, strange, and unique.

Is CES too big? When it comes to finding true innovation it may be. Read Chris Fox’s take on the enormity of CES as he searches for the truly innovative, mold-breaking, and disruptive technologies among the perfect storm of half-baked products and junk clones.

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