Digital Magazine Readership at 50 Minutes Per Issue

Digital Magazine Editions Gain Readership, Engagement

By Rob O’Regan, Editorial Director, eMedia Vitals

Digital magazine editions continue to gain traction, with readership and engagement numbers creeping up. Adobe on Tuesday announced a few milestones for its Digital Publishing Suite that underscore the ongoing shift by magazine readers to tablet and smartphone platforms.

The number of downloads of magazine editions created with DPS since its launch in March 2011 passed the 150 million mark this month. Downloads have increased 115% year over year, and DPS-created apps have three times as many unique monthly readers as they did a year ago, Adobe announced.

“These are very strong indicators that the magazine audience is starting to move onto the digital platform in a very real way,” Bridget Roman, senior product marketing manager for Digital Publishing Suite, said in a phone interview.

Looking at aggregated data across all DPS-built magazines, Adobe found that subscribers spend around 50 minutes a month in a DPS app – a number that surpasses the 40 minutes per issue that GfK MRI found among print magazine readers in the fall of 2012. While that’s not an apples-to-apples comparison of engagement, it does indicate that digital magazines are replicating the lean-back print experience.

“All of the strategy and thoughtfulness that publishers are putting into creating highly immersive, interactive experiences is really paying off,” said Roman.

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