Lead Generation FAQ

What's the difference between filtering and vetting?

When initiating a campaign, your digital marketing manager will ask for the specific filters that you would like to apply to the leads. Standard filters include:

  • excluding international leads
  • excluding students, teachers, and professors
  • excluding consultants

These filters will be applied beforehand, allowing our lead filtering system to gather the leads into a single comprehensive list. Any leads that fall into the exclusion categories will be automatically eliminated from the list before your manager even sees the list, allowing them to only vet the filtered leads. Then, the manager vets the leads by manually verifying that each lead is a real person from a legitimate company that meets your criteria.


Do you block competitors from being included as leads?

One of the standard filters we use will eliminate competitor emails from your paid leads. Your digital marketing manager will request a list of your competitors prior to the campaign start date. These competitors will be filtered out and removed from any and all lead reports you will receive.


Can I remove leads after they are delivered?

The short answer here is: not really. When an insertion order is signed, your digital marketing manager will reach out to confirm the filters and lead exclusions before the campaign even begins. This way, we can establish your expectations upfront and ensure that your leads are exactly what you originally asked for. We are, however, happy to review lead reports if you find something amiss and we will work with you to root out and resolve any inconsistencies.