How I Increased Conversion Rates by 218%

It's time to rethink your landing pages

This week, we sat down with Brent Tomasino, Digital Marketing Manager, to find out why his landing pages consistently perform well. He was kind enough to answer a few questions that we have all likely asked before. 

What are the essential components of a landing page?

A landing page really only needs a few elements. People tend to think more is better: I disagree and find the opposite true. Landing pages that contain a ton of information and areas of content can overwhelm a reader and result in the user aborting the process.

How do you create the perfect subject line?

Honestly, I think about emails that I end up opening in my personal life. Subjects that create urgency or that clearly could benefit me or my time are always the ones I open.

What kinds of imagery work best?

For B2B lead programs, any imagery that can get a reader directly to the page goal as fast as possible. There’s a ton of things to think about with imagery - for example, did you know an image with a person’s eyes directed in a particular direction will result in the reader scanning the page to see what they are looking at? Did you know eye gesturing is in our DNA and happens with every person, even as a baby? So if I have my call to action on the right side of the page, I might have a person looking to the right, where I’ve placed my CTA. Subtle arrows or lines can also have a similar effect.

What makes up the ideal body copy? How long should it be?

A short abstract. You really want to keep this light. Divulging too much information here may end up hurting conversion later. If you give them loads of information, there may be no need to download the white paper. Remember: headlines and abstracts are ONLY meant to pique interest! I believe that you only have about ten seconds on page load to capture the reader. Never waste it with tedious copy.

What are the most effective calls to action?

CTA’s are best when you can give them direct action. “Claim Now,” “Download Now,” “Find Out How” are all great CTA’s. I like to tie my CTA’s into my headlines when possible. If a headline reads “You Can Cut Costs and Increase Profitability,” I would use something like “Find Out How” as my CTA.

How can I make sure my button “pops?”

The goal of each landing page is to have a person click the button and commit, whether it's for a purchase or download. The number one thing you can do to drive this is utilize contrasting colors. If I have a blue hero image on my landing page, I will use an orange button to create contrast. With the combination of subtle image nudging and contrasting colors, you can bet that your button will be noticed.

If you could give the ultimate landing page advice in less than five words, what would they be?

Keep it all digestible.

Anything else you’d like to add before we wrap up?

I have a few “don’t’s” when it comes to landing pages:

  1. Don’t include the company or product name in copy or in the headline. This instantly makes it sound like a sales pitch instead of something a reader can benefit from.

  2. Don’t have any other content or copy on your landing page that isn’t related to the content you are capturing for.

  3. Don’t include form fields that are not needed. Look at your campaign goals and come up with the data points that you absolutely need. Your conversion rate will thank you later!

  4. Keep disclaimers away from your CTA. Nothing is a larger deterrent than adding a hint of doubt right by the goal of your page. The footer will work, or use a pop-up for privacy fine print.


- Lindsay Jawor